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We believe there is no better medicine than being in community with other Veterans and their families, rediscovering purpose, and serving a cause which is greater than ourselves.


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Tom is a Marine Corps Veteran who has transitioned his passion for service into a mission to assist fellow veterans. His focus remains firmly on offering personalized support to veterans in need. His deep commitment to making a difference is at the heart of his work and continues to shape the organization’s impact today.

Tom stands as one of the founders of ETS, and his journey began with a heartfelt desire to recognize and honor each veteran as a unique individual. His goal has always been to extend to them the dignity, support, and value they so rightfully deserve. He believes in the importance of understanding the specific challenges and aspirations of each veteran. As such, Tom serves as
a bridge between veterans and the support they deserve.

Tom is a New York Rangers fan, enjoys reading, podcasts, and spending time with his wife.

Veterans Advocate


Jessi is the Executive Director of ETS. Her role as the orchestrator behind the scenes is crucial in ensuring the smooth functioning of the organization. Jessi stands as one of the founders of
ETS and provides the support upon which ETS thrives. She oversees daily operations, volunteer management, and owns a wide array of essential administrative tasks.

Passionate about the welfare of the veteran community, Jessi extends her caring nature to veteran spouses, acknowledging their part in the holistic support network for veterans. Her care and kindness extend not only to veterans but also to the ETS team, creating an environment that fosters collaboration and dedication to the organization’s mission.

Jessi loves the outdoors, running, camping, and hiking. She enjoys True Crime, weekends spent with her husband, and time with family.

Executive Director


Jon, the Director of Warrior’s Return, leans on his diverse lived experiences to enrich ETS. His extensive knowledge, unwavering determination, strict discipline, strong ethical foundation, and a heartfelt intention to improve the lives of veterans and strengthen the community makes him invaluable to the ETS cause.

Jon's core beliefs in the principles of purpose, integrity, and responsibility define his approach to advocating for veterans. He is a true enthusiast of mental and physical fitness training and conditioning. Jon is a passionate community builder, a true networker, and dedicated to helping others succeed.

Jon’s love for sports and competitive fun underscores his belief in teamwork, camaraderie, and the joy of healthy competition. He enjoys being out in nature and cherishes time with family and friends.

Warrior’s Return Director


Eric, a Marine Corps Veteran, is a dedicated veterans advocate with a unique approach to supporting his fellow veterans. His role as a vital resource and wealth of information ensures that veterans are seamlessly connected to the support they need.

Eric's passion for helping veterans extends to his role as a contributor to the organization's social media presence. He is dedicated to ensuring the community is well-informed about the latest happenings and resources available at ETS, bridging the gap between veterans and the assistance they require.

Eric is a hunter, fisherman, Vikings fan, and youth baseball coach, fostering teamwork in athletes. He treasures quality time with his wife and children. From his military background to his outdoor adventures, sports enthusiasm, coaching, and family values, Eric brings a diverse perspective to ETS.

Veterans Advocate


Krista, the Director of Growth and Marketing, ensures the organization remains mission focused, with a commitment to veterans dating back to her start as a volunteer in 2010. She values genuine connections and shared experiences.

With an eye for process improvement and a desire to build relationships, Krista is at the forefront of navigating new opportunities, and overseeing content. Her open-hearted approach involves actively engaging with the veteran community, believing in the power of personal narratives. While keeping operations running smoothly, Krista ensures kindness is extended to each veteran at ETS.

Krista loves the outdoors and appreciates nature’s beauty and the lessons it has to offer. She enjoys music, new trails, and playing sports. She cherishes time with family and friends, especially those with her husband and daughter.

Growth & Marketing Director


James is an Air Force veteran and the friendly face that greets you at ETS. As the Front Desk Administrator, James leads with kindness, and a welcoming spirit, connecting with veterans on a personal level from the very first encounter. He is passionate about making a positive difference in the lives of others.
As the first point of contact for veterans, James plays a pivotal role in ensuring they feel valued and supported. He manages the phone lines, checks veterans in, and seamlessly connects them with the right resources and staff members to address their unique needs.

James is a music enthusiast and writes his own compositions while jamming with his band. He enjoys pew pew therapy, and collects sneakers, pocketknives, and watches. James treasures spending quality time with his mother, who he proudly proclaims as the "world's best mom."

Front Desk Administrator




Tom McKenna


Scott Marrier

Vice Chair

Tom Schaffer


Adam Mikkelson


Darrell Marrier



We are always in need of more volunteers. We welcome individual volunteers during the week or for special events.


Every type of donation is very much appreciated and helps us provide free services to Veterans.


Veterans and their immediate family members can visit the store for needed supplies once a month. *Proof of Veteran status required.




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